Contact Details

Please use contact information below to reach us:-

Registered Office The Black Cottage Sonia Ashworth  Secretary
  Newlands Corner
Guildford Email  The U3A Secretary
01483 222572
 Membership Secretary
12 Mandeville Close Download  Application Form
Guildford 07759 021326
Newsletter Editor Irene Black Email the Editor
Mug Monitor
For supplies of free disposable mugs for your groups contact  01483 822181 or Email  Roxane Phillips

The full prospectus for the current year giving more details of our activities can be obtained by clicking the link in the Members Lounge or telephoning or emailing the Secretary, or by writing to the membership secretary or clicking the link to email either of then. This website contains all the course and visit dates and details and is regularly updated

Contact Information for Groups

Please contact individual group leaders, their name and phone numbers can be found on the group web pages and in the prospectus some leaders have an email link on the class page.


Organisation of Groups

Director of Studies (Julie Beattie)
    Arts and Crafts (Clive Kirk)
    Drama & Literature (Jan Wilkinson)
    Games & Indoor Pursuits (Ann Stewart)
    Humanities (Moira Macquaide Hall)
      Arts For All
      Social Sciences
        Social Anthropology
    Languages (Peter Melville)
    Music (Margaret Westwood)
    Science & Computing (Bernie Cohen)
    Sport & Outdoor Leisure (Paul Sherren)

In order to keep this listing short, groups under each faculty have only been shown where this would otherwise be unclear.

If you are considering starting a new group, please contact the relevant faculty head.

What we are

Guildford U3A

  • is an autonomous local University of the Third Age affiliated to a nationwide movement;
  • has  over 1,700 members in this area;
  • offers over 100 courses and interest groups;
  • has group excursions and visits to theatres and concerts;
  • holds regular monthly meetings with talks of general interest.

The Third Age arrives when a person becomes free of the restrictions and responsibilities of the Second Age of full-time employment. The Third Age can be a time of creative activity and fulfilment. Anyone can join who shares our principles of self-help learning. No qualifications are required. We believe that everyone in the Third Age has something to contribute.


The Objects of The U3A are:

  1. To advance the education of the public and in particular the education of older people no longer in full time gainful employment in Guildford and its surrounding locality.
  2. The provision of facilities for leisure time and recreational activities with the object of improving the conditions of life for the above persons in the interests of their social welfare.

Program Planning Committee

Chair Director of Studies Julie Beattie con tel 01483 503970  Email
Arts & Crafts
Clive Kirk con tel 01483 211799  Email 
Drama and Literature Jan Wilkinson con tel 01483 575125  Email 
Games and Indoor Pursuits Ann Stewart
con tel 01483 505574
Humanities (Discussion, History, Social Sciences)
Moira Macquaide Hall
con tel 01483 452376  Email 
Languages Peter Melville-Smith con tel 01483 506328  Email 
Music Margaret Westwood con tel 01483 504001  
Sport and Outdoor Leisure
Paul Sherren con tel 01483 531623  Email 
Science & Computing Bernie Cohen
con tel 01483 823898  Email 
Venue Secretary Jane E Robertson
con tel 01483 301229  Email 
Website Roger Philo
con tel 01483 233381  Email 
Prospectus Jeff Harkman con tel 01483 826303  

University of the Third Age Guildford

Caroline Sawers Chairman
Jeff Harkman Prospectus Secretary
Justin G Jackson
Julie Beattie

Guildford U3A  Executive Committee











  Caroline Sawers

Vice Chairman

  Justin Jackson

Director of Studies

  Julie Beattie

Honorary Secretary

  Sonia Ashworth

Honorary Treasurer

  Martin Barker

Membership Secretary

 Sue Watson

Committee Members

Irene Black, Ann Elms Jeff Harkman, Sandi Layton, Roger Philo, Jane Robertson., Peter Woodington, Ann Watson



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