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This is part of our web site is intended to explain and guide you through the sign up process and subsequent log in which is needed if you wish to join or renew your membership on line. Firstly why are we asking you to register and log in to use the online renewal or joining facility. We do this to ensure that your payment is credited against the correct member's account. So while it might seem pedantic we do need to be sure that the right member is updated. See renewal policy below.We also ask you to log in or create an account to download the Third Age News this is because Third Age Trust ask you to do the same on their own web site. To enter the Members Lounge please use the menu on the right

Membership Renewals

To renew or join please create an account and log in at the members door which takes you to the member's lounge where the next steps are explained. . This is a simple process and if you have a problem Roger will assist. Please note that members renewing their membership need to look up or obtain their membership number first. This appears on the renewal letter that you will receive end July- Early August and on the Alert which is sent out at the same time.
Members will continue to be able to renew by other methods as they do currently, in perpetuity, on line payment is simply seen as a convenient alternative for the future.


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