Enrolment Day. Friday 2nd September. 2.00pm St Joseph’s Church Hal

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 The University of the Third Age is an educational self-help organization for the retired or semi-retired. It draws on the wealth of knowledge and experience of its members to set up study groups and common interest groups and to organize recreational activities.

  • is an autonomous local University of the Third Age affiliated to a nationwide movement;
  • has 1,647 members in this area;
  • offers over 100 courses and interest groups;
  • has group excursions and visits to theatres and concerts;
  • holds regular monthly meetings with talks of general interest.
Please note that  The Current Subscription is now£22.00 will cover membership through to 31st August 2017 inclusive. 
This entitles you to join as many groups as you like, subject to availability, and you will automatically receive the 2016-17 prospectus when it is published at the end of July or early August.
The Third Age arrives when a person becomes free of the restrictions and responsibilities of the Second Age of full-time employment. The Third Age can be a time of creative activity and fulfilment. Anyone can join who shares our principles of self-help learning. No qualifications are required. We believe that everyone in the Third Age has something to contribute.
To find the right course for you please use our search facility above.  Search by Subject or even Day of the week e.g if you are free on Thursday type 'Thur' and hit return to see what's on  Thursdays.
Surrey Network Report is on the download menu in the member's lounge
There are two ways to join as a new member you can either click members door, register an account and log in then click new members to join on line, which is much easier than it sounds click here for details. Alternatively  click here  to download the forms.

Please note Social Science and Computing are now listed under Science and Arts and Crafts are now amalgamated

Please Click Here to Email us if you have any concerns that you want to raise. Your Email Address has changed, or you would like help or you just want to complain.